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For most of my life I have found photography to be a fascinating subject. At the age of 8 my first camera was a Kodak Brownie. I later graduated to a Pentax SP 1000. Now I have a variety but mainly use a Nikon D750, but there have been many more in between. I think that the way you use the camera is more important than the make and model. And I also use my phone camera on occasion.

I have travelled extensively. Many of my images are locations overseas including the UK, Europe, the Middle East, United States and of course Australia. My wife Anne and I are keen caravaners and have circumnavigated Australia on several occasions. There have been many beautiful photos taken on these adventures, some of which are displayed in the gallery, and the phptographic prints are now available for pyrchase.

I am not dedicated to any specific genre of photography; I'm interested in all types. I shoot landscapes, streetscapes, street people, portraits, minimalist, macro, abstract and lightpainting. My lightpainted images are all "real" images, meaning that they are created by a moving light source, and are not CGI (computer graphic) images. I attempt in my work to do something which has a uniqueness, a recognisable quality and an image which will immerse your attention and your imagination.

Many people see the image shown here to be some abstract form of a jellyfish. It is in fact a light painting. With my camera set on a tripod on a long exposure I twirled some leds on a long string. It was taken at night on a beach. Not all lightpainting shots turn out well, but that's the nature of photography. Like most aspects of life, patience is a virtue, to use the cliche.

I hope you will enjoy perusing my gallery.

Scott Jameson.

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Photographic printsPhotographic prints

All my Photographic Prints are bordered in an off white mat and are fully hard backed. They can be mailed to anywhere in Australia, postage included. Measurements are 400mm x 500mm measured from outside edge of border. Measurements may vary slightly (usually no more than 3mm). Image size and colour can vary depending on the nature of the photo. Printed photos may be slightly different in colour as computer and mobile phone screens treat colour differently. The gallery images give an indication.

The example shown here is a night shot of New York City taken from the observation deck of the Rockefeller Centre. Please note that the prints do not have the black outline shown on the left; the outline is for improving visibility here in the example.

The Gallery is updated regularly. Prints can be purchased by selecting them in the eCommerce page, and can be shipped to anywhere in Australia. Generally we do not ship overseas, but if required can quote. Prices shown in the eCommerce page are for Australia only and in Australian currency.

Custom FramingCustom FramingCustom Framing
As well as white bordered prints, Lightartist offers fully framed prints in addition to those shown for sale in the eCommerce page. The fully framed prints are suitable for display homes, private residences, reception areas, boardrooms or virtually anywhere a framed artwork can be displayed. Choose from any of the prints in the Gallery.  Black, white or silver frames are available in a variety of sizes. Please contact us indicating your requirements, print size, frame size, colour etc. by selecting the message field in the Contact Page.

Special of the month
Sparkler taken at 2500th sec. Circular blobs are actually molten sparks flying in all directions. Tricky part was trying to have them avoid the camera lens!

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